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Pieces of Your Promotional Puzzle

By May 15, 2009 May 26th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

We end the week with two marketing posts, so don’t miss Richard Kelly’s post on social media sites below … both of these messages have ASMP benefits with deadlines, so we didn’t want to wait to share them with you.

There is not one way or one approach for marketing your business. A successful business strategy requires that you define your message and then get that message out in a variety of venues – your web site, your Google ranking, your blog, posts to social media sites, email promos, listings in online directories, your direct customer contacts, attending client focused association meetings and the list goes on. Through this blog and our education seminars, ASMP is working to help you hone your skills for strategically selling your services. Though we can help with the “how to”, no one can do it for you.

For ASMP General members, I want to remind you that ASMP’s newly designed Find a Photographer is being launched in just a few weeks. Now is the time to take a few minutes and update your profile and images. An email promotional campaign for Find a Photographer is starting in mid June – reaching thousands of potential buyers of photography. Make sure this piece of your marketing puzzle is in place so we can show you off to potential buyers! Or, Maybe you are an Associate member who qualifies for General membership. By upgrading your membership now, you can add Find a Photographer to your promotional plan. You can apply for General membership by going into your member profile and clicking the membership tab.

Keep trying different methods to promote your business and stay out there!