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Personal work in Business Portfolios?… Yes. Absa*#$*inglutely.

By May 19, 2011May 18th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

I am taking that one step further.  I have been slowly building a body of personal work in hopes that, in the future, it will be the only work I show.  Why?  I want to move in the direction of securing the work that I want to do…. not what I currently get hired to do to pay my bills.  I know I can’t be the minority here.  We all want the dream jobs.

I view the ‘landing a client process’ a bit like dating.  No matter who approaches whom, one of us is obviously interested.  So we begin.  Since there are many clients I am interested in, I have several different websites.  I point my potential clients to the site that best meets their needs and is relevant to their industry.  Once I get some feedback on the site or land the job, I will point them to my ‘new site’ which is actually my ‘business portfolio’ that is continuing to evolve.  I think of it like dessert for the client I am wining and dining.

This website currently shows only a small percentage of work that I get hired to do.  In time, it is my intention to populate this site entirely with the imagery that speaks to me… personally.

I haven’t got my business portfolio filled entirely with personal work as of yet.  It is a process.  But I am confident that once I do, it will pay off.  My business will follow this evolution and after a few dates…. well… that’s kind of personal.