PDN’s Photographer Survey: How’s Business?

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Strictly Business Blog

Screenshot of photographer survey results article posted on PDN Online

Editor’s Note: PDN has come out with its Photographer Survey, showing differences – and similarities by income, gender, and geography.  It’s an easy read – mostly charts.  See where you sit, or want to sit, in the industry.

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PDN’s fall survey of photographers provides a snapshot of the current state of the industry: how much money professionals are earning, how optimistic they are about the growth of their business and what specialties are most (and least) lucrative.

A total of 8,130 individuals—including hobbyists, students, photo editors and other professionals—responded to the survey. But the results we show here reflect only the input of the 4,282 respondents who identified themselves as “professional photographers” (either part-time or full-time).

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