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Optimization Vs. Presentation

By August 12, 2009May 25th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

This is one of those difficult decisions when designing a new website. You want your work to look it’s best and be presented in an impressive manner, but you also want your work to be found through search engines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have both? Unfortunately in many cases a compromise may be required. Many different techniques are used for top search engine rankings but it often involves tactics that may take away from the presentation aspect.

Here is something I’ve started to do that may be a solution for some. I was working on search engine optimization and tweaking my website for many years. Eventually, my website listed first page in the major search engines for most keywords I desired and it definitely brought in work. As my business grew, I decided it was time to go after high-end clients. Designing a nice clean look that would attract the high-end clients would be difficult.

My big concern was about losing search engine rankings if I switched to a different layout. It’s kind of scary if it means a loss in business. The solution was to have two websites, one web optimized version and one presentation optimized version with very little text for a clean look and bigger images. The web optimized site isn’t advertised and just floats out there for people to find on the internet. The nicer looking website is the only site I advertise and people will find it directly through email campaigns, directories and postcards.

We are hearing more about photographers segmenting their portfolios and websites according to specialties, so why not have multiple sites based on optimization and presentation?