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It’s Not About Going to a Movie

By June 25, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

As a professional Tweeting isn’t about going to a movie or where you are having dinner, it is about letting people know that you and your business is alive and vital. It is letting people know that you are shooting a job, making new work, traveling to different places, helping them understand what you can offer them by letting them know you are interesting and busy. I don’t get twitter on my Blackberry, but I do tweet from there at times.

Twitter is also about aggregating information and getting a good read on what is happening in your world; technically, social moments, visual trends, and the lives and work of your friends, clients, and vendors.

It is being said that the uprising in Iran making Twitter a valid resource. Are we looking at a new version of our next evening news?How will this change affect your business, your ability to make and sell imagery. Is “citizen journalism” going to trend further into “citizen editorial and advertising imagery”? Yes, Twitter is important.