New Next Generation Feature-Filled ASMP Media Badge is Now Available

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Strictly Business Blog

Be one of the first to get the all-new 2022 ASMP Media Badge, available for purchase here to all those Members who have renewed for 2022. This exclusive Members Only laminated and custom-printed badge is the perfect way to showcase your affiliation with the premier media photography trade association, ASMP.

Beginning with this 2022 ASMP Media Badge, ALL proceeds from the sale will go to support the ASMP Legal / Advocacy Fund, which allows ASMP to fight for the rights of photographers and visual content creators across the country, from the halls of Congress to the steps of the Supreme Court.

The newly-designed badge includes a host of new features, including:

  • Prominent photograph and “Media” designation
  • A QR code which links to a brand new descriptive page
  • Access to the ASMP Find a Creative database via the QR code
  • Personalized information including your name and ASMP number on both the front AND back
  • Direct customer support from our partner, InstantCARD
  • An electronic version of the ASMP Media Badge (coming in 2022), FREE to all purchasers

And there’s more to come. In mid-2022, ASMP will launch new versions of its Media Badge with even deeper customizable options such as links to your personal Find A Photographer portfolio, options for different colors, and custom support for teams or studios of photographers. Current ASMP Media Badge owners will have an exclusive pre-order discount period when the new features debut.

Purchase your new custom ASMP Media Badge here today.