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NEW ASMP Paperwork Share Coming Soon!

By June 11, 2019 Strictly Business Blog

ASMP is excited to announce it will soon be rolling out a major feature for members – the NEW ASMP Paperwork Share!

For many years, we have fielded requests from members to bring back the ASMP Paperwork Share – one of the premiere archives of historical pricing data in the photography industry and an invaluable educational tool for members!

In the spirit of ASMP’s dedication to co-operative education and community growth, the Paperwork Share will allow members to research estimating techniques and learn from their peers by reviewing historic estimates from a variety of regions and specialties – provided by fellow community members. Members can also give back to the ASMP community by sharing their own estimates and thoughts on jobs.

Our hope is that an easier and more transparent way to access historical pricing data will help make it easier for members to speak with one another about pricing — without stigma or fear of judgement — and give members the tools needed to provide comprehensive well thought-out bids to potential clients.

We’ve just completed our initial development phase and are going to be opening up the service to a select test group for a limited beta phase prior to rolling out the release of the paperwork share to all members.

The new system will feature:

• A database of estimates that is searchable by both region and specialty.

• A flexible and easy to use interface for presenting and sharing pricing that can be quickly customized to one’s own pricing method.

• The ability to anonymize one’s estimates if needed.

• An intuitive layout and an emphasis on members sharing not just the bottom line of the “what” of pricing but also the “why” behind their approach and methodology to a job.

Stay tuned for news of the launch!

Luke Copping
ASMP National Chair



Featured image: Camille Staehler

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