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My Online Watercooler

By April 3, 2009August 30th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

As an editorial photographer living in Pittsburgh I am not really in the center of the magazine publishing world, but by subscribing and reading Meg Weaver’s weekly newsletter, Wooden Horse Publishing, I feel connected to the who, what, when and where of the publishing world.

Like any resource, especially online, I only consider it one source. It is always a good idea to confirm business news and gossip. It seems every week, I learn of a startup magazine or of a change in editors at a magazine I sometimes work with. It used to be that photographers exchanged this type of “watercooler” news at the local photo-lab, these days it seems we meet more on-line than in person.

Some additional online resources that I find helpful to keep the pulse of my clients are “A Photo Editor” blog, CREATIVITY online, PDNPulse blog and ADWEEK.

Every now and then, it is nice to get my information in person. For those living in or near Philadelphia, Brian Smith will be speaking there on “The Future of Editorial Photography” on April 30th. Join us!