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Your Monitor: The Keystone of Your Digital Workflow

By June 16, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

Take a moment to appreciate your monitor. It sits there quietly on your desk or on your lap, helping you make image corrections, send correspondence with clients and connects you with the world via the Web.

Of all the devices in your digital photography workflow, your monitor is the most important. It’s even more important than a fast computer, a sexy new printer or even the latest, greatest camera body. Your monitor is your window to the world, helping you judge color, exposure, saturation, sharpness and detail. For photographers printing their own work or delivering files to clients in CMYK, your monitor’s accuracy when using Photoshop’s soft proof feature can determine the success or failure of a job.

So do yourself a favor. Replace your monitor every three years. When you purchase a new monitor, buy the best monitor you can afford. Delay purchasing a new computer, if funds are tight, to buy the monitor you need to to deliver accurate files to your clients. And don’t forget to calibrate and profile it regularly!