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Michael Grant: Do You Want to Dance?

Screenshot of article posted on LenScratchCross-posted from LenScratch. [By Aaron R. Turner] 

“To me, the archive is a complex site. Archives can reveal or hide, be hoarded or shared, harm or do good, tell the truth or a lie. In particular, the archive’s potential is to fill in the gaps in history, and that’s what Michael Grant’s project, Do You Want To Dance? has done for him.

This project is a collaboration between Grant and his grandfather Joseph Cambridge’s archive of family photographs. A large portion of which depicts the relationship between Grant’s grandparents beginning in the late 1950s. “Do you want to dance?,” begins a letter Michael’s grandfather Joseph wrote to his grandmother Connie in 1958, expressing his love and admiration for her.

In this project, the importance of the black family archive is evident. A transformative process that has allowed Grant to explore the innermost aspects of himself and his family.”

Michael Grant was born in Miami, FL in 1991, and currently works out of Brooklyn, NY. Grant is an artist who investigates aesthetics of blackness, class, family, relationships, and cultural diversities. Grant works across multiple mediums developing bodies of work employing photography, collage, video, sculpture, and sound design. Constantly inspired by the materiality of black culture and its expression through domestic environments, Grant is drawn to non traditional processes with the aim of showcasing a new standard. IG: @__michaelgrant”


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