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Member Resource: ASMP Paperwork Share

By September 10, 2020Strictly Business Blog

For many years, ASMP has fielded requests from members to bring back the ASMP Paperwork Share – one of the premiere archives of historical pricing data in the photography industry and an invaluable educational tool for members!

In the spirit of ASMP’s dedication to co-operative education and community growth, the Paperwork Share allows members to research estimating techniques and learn from their peers by reviewing historic estimates from a variety of regions and specialties – provided by fellow community members.

The Paperwork Share is an easier and more transparent way to access historical pricing data that makes it easier for members to speak with one another about pricing — without stigma or fear of judgement — and gives members the tools needed to provide comprehensive well thought-out bids to potential clients.

Features of the Paperwork Share include:

• A database of estimates that is searchable by both region and specialty.

• A flexible and easy to use interface for presenting and sharing pricing that can be quickly customized to one’s own pricing method.

• The ability to anonymize one’s estimates if needed.

• An intuitive layout and an emphasis on members sharing not just the bottom line of the “what” of pricing, but also the “why” behind their approach and methodology to a job.

Accessing Paperwork Share

As the ASMP Paperwork Share is a member benefit, you need to login to view published quotes. The Paperwork Share resource is located on the site under FOR MEMBERS > RESOURCES > PAPERWORK SHARE

Adding Quotes

To make the new tool as robust as it can be, members are also invited to share their own estimates with the ASMP community.

To add a quote, hover over your name in the upper right corner of screen to view dropdown. Click “Edit My Paperwork” and the Paperwork Share tool will appear in the WordPress dashboard on the left side of your screen.

Under PAPERWORK SHARE, click on ADD QUOTE and add your quote detail to the quote form (see image below). Click on PUBLISH in right sidebar when you have finished adding your quote detail.

Note: You cannot upload a pdf as part of the quote. You must manually enter your quote detail into the form provided. This allows ASMP to expand the functionality of  future search tools and provide ability to track national pricing trends through the database as it expands. It also ensures that all data is displayed in a manner that is consistent with front end design that prioritizes end user readability.

Featured image: Camille Staehler

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