Member Opportunities

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Strictly Business Blog

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Member Opportunities is an on-line initiative to provide members access to offerings related to education, employment, internships, volunteer positions, contests, workshops, and other related professional development programs and directives that may be of interest to members in advancing business and professional development objectives. See current listings below.

Infringement Stories

To support our advocacy efforts, ASMP has been collecting infringment stories from our members that get shared with Congressional members when ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy visits Capitol Hill.  See post: Share Your Stories of Infringement with Congress. Please submit your information to

Legal Issues

If you, or you are aware of others, who are having issues with contracts, licensing, releases, infringement, or other legal-related issues in your daily business activities, ASMP would like to hear from you. Submit information to

Strictly Business Articles

ASMP is currently seeking articles related to anything in the photography business.  This is an opportunity to share with other ASMP members what you have learned and what’s happening in the photo business around the country.

Did you have a tricky negotiation recently, or a deal get bigger due to your presentation skills? Are you adept at creating an estimate with both video and stills? Did you recently write a successful grant application to fund an amazing project?  We’d love to hear about it. Please submit articles to

To view other listings, go to Member Opportunities.