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“Marketing Management is now Tribal Leadership” Seth Godin

By April 29, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

tribes_bookcover-105x150If you haven’t yet read TRIBES  – We need you to lead us by Seth Godin, today is the day to do just that, at 160 pages it is easily a weekend read. The basic tribe concept is that groups of people form  tribes around a person or an idea or a product to create change. For  a photographer this can lead to many opportunities, , but the one that stands out for me is that “Marketing Management is now Tribal Leadership.”

Back when I first started out as a photographer, I had dinner with very successful and famous fashion photographer. His advice to me was , “you really only need five clients in your career.” In essence he was advising me to create  a small and devoted tribe. You build that tribe with your story and with images in your portfolio that confirm that story. Your Tribe wants to be “lead” by you, their leader.

TRIBES follows tribal innovators using the social networks of new media to build tribes My advice is to follow along while creating a plan for your tribe, and make it a part of your overall tribal strategy.