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Let Them Know Your Status

By March 17, 2011May 23rd, 2016Strictly Business Blog

I honestly can’t remember why I joined Facebook.  I suspect it was because everyone else was doing it.  For someone who still doesn’t have a TV, iPhone or a GPS,  it was a big step.

That was a while back and since then I have found the social media site to be a great business tool.  While I’m not aware of having ever booked a job directly from Facebook, I am continually inspired, educated and pushed to new heights by the posts of my friends.  I can keep track of market trends, colleagues’ work and new projects by clients.  When I call a client who is also a ‘friend’, I can easily find recent activities or projects they have worked on to talk with them about.  In this way, Facebook is very valuable.  It keeps an open dialogue between myself, my clients and my colleagues.

All in all, Facebook can be a positive aspect of your business if you use it wisely.