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Learn From Your Mistakes

By March 21, 2012 April 25th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

Early on in my career I made a costly mistake…costly to the tune of over $5000 at a time when that was a bigger deal than today and my situation left no room for a financial misstep.

I was an emotional wreck. First I went through the  ‘how could I be so stupid’ phase, kicking myself down the stairs mentally. This was followed by the certainty that I had no business being in business to finally remembering that old adage: learn from your mistakes…the best business advice there is (combined with skipping self-recrimination.)

My rationale was that I paid much less than the cost of an MBA to learn a key business lesson. The next step was to incorporate the cause of the specific mistake learned into my sub-conscious so that I could avoid the problem in the future as a matter of course.  I did so to the extent that today I don’t recall what the mistake was…but I know that I’ll never make it again.

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