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Kicken Berlin : Sheroes of Photography, Part I

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Kicken Berlin is dedicating its 2021 exhibition program to woman photographers of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Female creativity in the history and current movements of photography is an endless fount. Throughout the year, Kicken Berlin will honor and explore these artistic contributions in group and solo shows in the exhibition series Sheroes of Photography. The English wordplay Shero consciously creates a female protagonist from the associations of a male hero; Kicken has chosen the word to explicitly highlight the high esteem for woman photography artists. * These photography heroines, or sheroes, from the last one and half centuries are as multifaceted as they are diverse. What they share in their joint practice of a modern medium they approach with very diverse perspectives on and understandings of reality.”

Kicken Berlin : Sheroes of Photography, Part I

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