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Interview with David Hume Kennerly

By February 5, 2020February 13th, 2020Member Spotlight, Strictly Business Blog

AN LOC, VIETNAM — 1972: Members of a South Vietnamese Airborne Division march down Highway 13 on their way to An Loc in 1972. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly)

Cross-posted from Musée.  [By Kala Herh]  David Hume Kennerly, longtime ASMP member, Pulitzer Prize winner for his work in Vietnam, personal photographer to a president, has seen and done it all. 

“The way I was brought up in the business, especially during my time as a UPI wire service photographer, was not to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures hoping to get a good one, but rather just wait until the moment happens.  How many pictures does it take to get a good image? One. I live my life one frame at a time, and I’m always looking for the right instant. When I shoot tons of pictures it usually means I’m not getting what I want. And pardon the cliché, but I’m really am just trying to tell the story. When I’m in a room, I want to capture the drama and to take you along with me to see what I see.  Every good photographer is like that, waiting for the instant when everything comes together..”

Interview with David Hume Kennerly

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