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An Interview with Photographer Joe McNally

By June 26, 2017 July 19th, 2017 Member Spotlight, Strictly Business Blog

Cross-posted from PetaPixel.

Phil Mistry interviews well-known photographer and ASMP member Joe McNally.

Joe McNally is a photographer and a storyteller. The word photography comes from Greek and means to write with light. That, in a nutshell, is what McNally does: he writes with light, whether it be daylight or Speedlight. And for a student who started out as a writing major and ended up being a photographer, that is just the perfect result.

McNally has shot in 70 countries around the world and has been a staff photographer for LIFEmagazine, a contract photographer for Sports Illustrated, and a contributing photographer for National Geographic. His photographs have appeared in TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times and Men’s Journal, just to name a few.

Read the interview on PetaPixel.



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