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Interview: Celebrity Photoshoots in the Era of COVID-19 – Jesse Dittmar Shares His Experience

Screenshot of article on Jesse Ditmarr posted om DPReviewCross-posted from DPReview. [By Jeanette D. Moses]

The Washington Post recently commissioned Dittmar to photograph Charli D’Amelio – a 16-year old from Norwalk, Connecticut with over 60 million TikTok followers. She is one of the rulers of the social media platform, which she uses to share short-form videos of herself dancing in her home, lip-syncing to her family’s dogs and more recently using her influencer status to urge teenagers to stay at home during the global pandemic.

We caught up with Dittmar to learn more about his photoshoot with D’Amelio, his experience shooting in the era of COVID-19 and what he thinks celebrity shoots will be like moving forward.”

Celebrity photoshoots in the era of COVID-19 – Jesse Dittmar shares his experience

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