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Instagram Has Changed Professional Food Photography Forever

By November 13, 2019 Strictly Business Blog

Screenshot of article posted on PetaPixelCross-posted from PetaPixel.  [By Jaron Schneider]   Two photographers give their take on how food photography goes through phases reflecting social media, returns to certain looks only professional can provide, and changes again.  And again.

“Taking a look at popular images featuring food on Instagram, you’ll see a pattern. Andrew Scrivani, a New York food photographer veteran puts it bluntly: ‘They are almost exclusively shooting from the top. Almost everything is a round dish of food and in a square, because Instagram is square, and a lot of it is on white or very light backgrounds, and white or very light plating, and consistently less and less propping.’”

Editor’s Note: Andrew Scrivani is one of the jurists for the Best of ASMP photo/video contest.

Instagram Has Changed Professional Food Photography Forever

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