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How the Best Art Directors Use Instagram

Screenshot of article posted on CerosCross-posted from Ceros.  [By Bill Shapiro]   “One of the reasons the best art directors rely on Instagram, of course, is that it allows them to see lots of pictures. That said, the first thing they often look at is not the photographer’s images, but their bio. And what they’re looking for—where a photographer lives, shoots, and travels to—frequently isn’t there. For a director on deadline who needs a photographer in a certain city the next morning, this is immensely frustrating.”

“When hiring for a specific assignment, the best art directors may find comfort in an Instagram account’s consistency—a photographer who, time after time, nails the colorful lifestyle shot. But top photo editors also see that as a trap. ‘Instagram is a place to show a range of styles,’ says Kinsella, ‘maybe a way to showcase work that they’re not getting hired to do but that they’re capable of and passionate about. I like seeing that range.’ Hammer agrees: ‘I look for consistency in the quality of the work rather than in the subject matter.’”

How the Best Art Directors Use Instagram

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