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How the Best Art Directors Use Instagram

Cross-posted from CScreenshot of article posted on Ceros / INSPIREeros/INSPIRE.  [By Bill Shapiro]

“Back when magazines were a driving force of commerce and creativity, the day after an issue was shipped off to the printer was unlike the rest. While editors would head off to long, boozy lunches, photo directors would call-in portfolios to review. Dozens of oversized black carrying cases would pile up on light tables, waiting to be opened, studied, and evaluated.

That pretty much never happens anymore. With smaller staffs and tighter deadlines, time-strapped art directors turn to Instagram to hunt for new talent. Yes, they may well visit a photographer’s site, but often only after an initial Instagram scan. So what do top photo directors look for when they look at an IG feed? What gives them confidence? What gives them pause? How do they read between the frames to decide if a photographer’s got what it takes?

This is how the best art directors use Instagram to evaluate photographers.”

How the Best Art Directors Use Instagram

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