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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Here’s a question for you: How many clients do you need?

By November 25, 2009May 24th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

No, really – 1,000?  500? 50? 10?

If you’re like me, the number’s a lot closer to the right than the left.  In fact, what I really need, what I really want is a core group of repeat clients who I like and respect and who like and respect my work.

If you’re dying to be EVERYBODY’s photographer, read no further.  But if you, like me, are looking to build relationships with like-minded people with whom you can produce creatively satisfying work then I’ve got a crazy idea for you.

What if we stop scattering seeds to the wind in the hopes they’ll land on fertile ground?

What if we stop the mass mailings and emailers and broadcast marketing blasts that go to faceless, anonymous people who are already receiving thousands of these things from a multitude of faceless, anonymous photographers?

What if we take the time to find those individuals whose aesthetics and visual communications needs really resonate with what we love to do.

What if we took that common ground, mixed it with a little creativity, ingenuity and good-old fashioned chutzpah and used it to build relationships with those individuals instead of marketing to them?

Maybe, just maybe, we’d actually get what we want.