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Having The Guts To Say No To Bad Money

Screenshot of article posted at Louder Than 10Cross-posted from Louder Than Ten. [By Tom Greenwood] Every photographer has an ethical limit as to who they will work for, whatever their politics.  It’s the same on the client side.  Tom Greenwood, who co-founded the digital agency Wholegrain Digital in 2007 has been there.

“There have been times when I had to ask myself which part is more important, the environmentalist or the entrepreneur. At times I have tried to convince myself that I’m an environmentalist at home and an entrepreneur at work, but I knew that was just a lie of convenience. Robin Hood didn’t work as a project manager for the Sheriff of Nottingham and then go volunteer for the poor on weekends. I have learned the hard way that I can’t leave my values at home when I go to work.”

Having The Guts To Say No To Bad Money


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