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Harry Wilks’ Iconic Car Pictures

Cross-posted from blind.  [By Benjamin Swett] 

American photographer Harry Wilks favors the everyday life. His project The Car Picture features a series of yearly photographs in front of the family car shot over a period of thirty years. An ode to family life that documents the passing of time.

Harry Wilks is a photographer with a sense of humor. You see it in the photographs for which he is best known, the iconic wide-angle shots from bridges, rooftops, parks, and roads, in which a stretch of guardrail, a girder, or a decorative crenellation takes playful precedence over the majestic landscape behind.

You see it in the way Wilks describes himself on his website: ‘one of America’s leading photographers of guardrails’ (as if it could be imagined that he would have a lot of competition in that field). He catches you up in the details, makes you think twice, seems to undercut himself only to show you that he was in control all along.

Harry Wilks’ Iconic Car Pictures

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