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An A-Ha Person from SB3

By April 20, 2011 September 7th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog
© Addison Geary,, 2011

© Addison Geary,, 2011

For many, the lessons from SB3 were summed up in Colleen Wainwright’s SB3 keynote message “be awesome” and “be nice”.  How surprising and refreshing to hear the phrase ‘be nice”.  (It reminded me of a sign carried by a small boy at a Madison, WI anti-war rally at the outbreak of the Iraq War. It read, “No hitting”.) Sometimes we lose sight of the obvious and it falls to wondrous people like Colleen to pull a long forgotten given out of our dark, cynical brains and back into the light.

I met Colleen the first day of SB3 in LA but didn’t get around to subscribing to her blog until a few days after the second of the SB3 weekends.  Within days of reading her posts, she had changed my life.

In a key post, Colleen wrote about why she will NEVER be a copywriter again. Her wonderfully crafted words made me laugh and sit up in bed. She walked away from a mind numbing revenue stream and so could I!

I was writing for a difficult client who subjected my writing to a panel of editors that squeezed the personality out of my words and with it all joy in writing.  I realized after reading Colleen’s post that every week I continued to write for that client, I was further damaging the confidence I needed to continue to do my all important personal work.  I quit the job the day after reading her post.

It isn’t always what you jot down as you sit in front of an inspiring speaker or chat with others at events that matter the most. It is the relationships that begin in environments that have been carefully crafted to encourage interaction. ASMP SB3 did a suburb job in so doing. Thanks ASMP for introducing me to Colleen and all the other inspiring teachers and attendees at SB3. I learned from all.