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Gabriel Nivera

Screenshot of article posted at Communication ArtsThis Los Angeles–based photographer creates natural photographs that foster strong connections between the subjects and the viewers.

Cross-posted from Communications Arts. “I am convinced that in this industry, it boils down to ten percent hard work and technical skill, ten percent timing and luck, and 80 percent developing and maintaining relationships. The best careers have longevity, not just because they are talented or technical geniuses—though it definitely helps—but also because they have excellent reputations and long-lasting relationships with clients. Ask any rep, art buyer, producer, client or assistant about their favorite photographers to work with, and I 100 percent guarantee the first thing they will say is: “They’re such a wonderful person.” Who you are as a person takes precedence to the work. It is imperative that you have integrity, be kind, bring a positive attitude, admit when you make a mistake, stand up for your team, stay humble and be grateful for your opportunities. If you surround yourself with people who share these qualities, you will have a great team to grow and share your journey with.”

Gabriel Nivera  


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