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FREE Online Classes from Creative Live for ASMP Members!

By January 9, 2019September 19th, 2019Professional Development, Strictly Business Blog

Members have twelve FREE online classes from Creative Live as part of their ASMP member benefits! The list includes:

  1. The Power of Negotiation
  2. Defining your Style
  3. The Art of Networking
  4. A Brand Called You
  5. Command the Fees you Deserve
  6. Master your People Skills
  7. Manage Stress Through Mindfulness
  8. The Power of Body Language
  9. Win Clients with Binge-Worthy Proposals
  10. How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence
  11. Visual Storytelling: Why we Shoot
  12. Yoga for Photographers

To get started, you’ll need to register on the ASMP/Creative Live site as an ASMP member – regardless of whether you may already be Creative Live member or not. Here’s a screen shot of the page you should start from.

Registering/accessing FREE classes if you are already a member of Creative Live

Please register by completing the fields on the ASMP/Creative Live site (pictured and linked above) to be recognized as a member who should have access to FREE classes. Please use the same email address that you used when you originally registered as a Creative Live member so we can link these accounts. If you have questions about what email address you used, you can contact Creative Live at

Registering/accessing FREE classes if you are NEW to Creative Live

Register by completing the fields on the ASMP/Creative Live site (pictured and linked above) to get access to your twelve FREE classes.

Once You’ve Registered

Once you’ve registered, your name will appear on the top right corner of the page (see screen shot below). If you had been a Creative Live member before and had saved classes, you’ll be able to access them from “My Library”. Use the ion to the left of your name, or by scrolling down the page.

Accessing your Free Classes

Going forward, ASMP members will find their FREE classes by scrolling down the page to ‘My Subscriptions’.

To view one of your FREE classes, just click your choice under “My Subscriptions and you’ll go to the class-level page.

If you have questions about logging in or accessing the free courses, please send an email to Creative Live at If you need to have multiple Creative Live accounts merged, contact Creative Live at to have this action completed.

Enjoy your twelve FREE classes compliments of ASMP!

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