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Fortune Telling

By May 13, 2015September 7th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

How far into the future do you think you can see? What will you be creating 5 years from now? How about 10? It doesn’t take a dose of the supernatural to figure this out, but it does take Vision.

But it’s not having vision in the sense of business, marketing and becoming a brand. They are all tools we must have. The vision I’m talking about is your identity as a photographer. It’s something that’s just as important as the other tools you are beginning to collect. Think of your vision as a visual fingerprint. It’s something that defines you, but unlike an actual fingerprint, it’s something that will evolve and change.

Your vision could still be hard to define at this point, though I’m betting it probably has emerged from hibernation if you made it this far. And now that you are all image creating professionals, your responsibility is to establish what sets you apart. It’s one of the best things you can do to secure longevity. But whatever is going to define you, it’s also very far from being whole. That, takes a lifetime.

Where do you even start? What projects did you finish during your studies and are they really finished? What about the projects that are unfinished? Were they just sparks that led you to another project or will they hold up to the highly demanding standard you’ll begin to hold yourself to? Or are you already working on What’s Next?

And while you are here reading, take another step and read these posts by Gail Mooney andKevin Lock. A fundamental tip from Gail Mooney about Personal Work is to: Stop calling it that – call it a self-initiated project.

So, while you are out there exploring where you’ll land, be sure to assist, learn, shoot for whatever clients you can, and DEFINITELY learn the ropes of business. But be prepared to continue to create things that are your own and if you put your max energy into them, you’ll have a solid foundation to prepare you for a lifetime of creating images.

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