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Our First Week of Business Quick Tips

By May 18, 2009 September 12th, 2017 Strictly Business Blog

ACCOUNTING TIP – pre-filled W-9 Form

When working with a new client, after the job is complete and delivered the next step will be to send an invoice to get paid. David Oster, my accountant recommends having an IRS Form W-9 filled out and ready to send to new clients with your invoices. The W-9 will be requested by the accountant in the payable department so they will have the basic IRS required information, including your business name, business address, Tax ID / EIN number or Social Security number and your signature. These days I send PDF versions of my invoices so having PDF versions of the W-9 forms pre-filled and saved with electronic signatures makes the process of getting paid that much faster.

Here are the tools you need to do this.

  1. W-9 PDF Download
  2. Creating a signature stamp
  3. Adding Electronic Signatures to Text and PDF Documents