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Fashion and Photography: The Man Ray Revolution

Screenshot of article posted on blindCross-posted from blind. [By Laurence Cornet]  

“An exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris throws the fashion photographs by the American artist Man Ray’s back into limelight. It retraces the creative effervescence of the 1920s and 30s, and looks back at the emergence of a genre now synonymous with reinvention and going back to the roots: fashion photography.”

“From the outset, he treated fashion photography as an artistic discipline, a fact emphasized by integrating works of art into his compositions. Sculptures by Brancusi or Giacometti inspired bold juxtapositions. In one famous photograph, Kiki can be seen posing with an African Baule-style mask. The camera focuses on the two smooth faces, both with eyes closed and well-defined features: one alabaster white, the other ebony black.”

Fashion and Photography: The Man Ray Revolution

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