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Email Marketing

By September 21, 2009May 25th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

To get high email promo delivery rates, you have to consider many variables.

You’re probably already aware that without doing your email marketing homework, you’re more susceptible
falling back on the all-too-common, mass-blast strategy, nick-named “spray and pray” 😉 Do that, and you’re inadvertently adding to the delivery problem.

If enough people persist in doing un-researched mailings, soon entire ad agencies will disappear off the
roster names available on valid list providers such as Agency Access and ADBASE.

Emails that don’t include a super-easy-to-use “opt-out” link, also add to the delivery problem as they’ll mark a promo as spam in an attempt to get off a list. They may not hate you, it’s that many prospects are just desperately trying to control their volume of email.

Spend some time reviewing email marketing research reports and/or using a reputable email-delivery service. A reputable service’s emails always get delivered. The major ISPs know who the good players are;
they won’t do business with anyone who behaves in a spam-y way. Those delivery services with higher barriers to entry, end up filtering out all but the most serious email marketers.

Because email spammers are highly-motivated individuals (or companies!) who work 24/7 to get past the filters, ISPs and email delivery services must CONSTANTLY adjust their filtering and formatting rules to combat a spammer’s strategy du jour.

If too-restrictive filters are employed, then too many legitimate messages get quarantined; if too lax,
customer’s in-boxes can become spam smorgasbords. In either case, clients can become disgruntled and
move to another service provider that does a better job of filtering/delivering.

The formatting of a spam message sent last year (copy as well as image content), probably isn’t the same format as this year’s spam. Creating an CAN-SPAM compliant email promo is not a one-time event that is never reviewed or revised again.

The bottom line? The all-time best guarantee of message delivery still remains: employ a strategy to
make sure your recipient adds you to their address book.