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Eight by Eight: Joe Pugliese

Cross-posted from The Daily Edit (aPhotoEditor) [by Heidi Volpe]  Joe Pugliese was asked by the creators of 8×8 magazine to photograph the U.S. Women’s Soccer team just prior to their recent win.  

“Heidi: Tell us why this project was different for you?

Joe: This assignment really combined everything I love about shooting for editorial clients. It was commissioned by the editor and designer Robert Priest so I knew that care would be taken in how the images would be used and that the process would be collaborative every step of the way. I was also excited about the subject matter, despite not being a true follower of sports. I felt that photographing women for a soccer magazine that primarily focuses on global soccer stars who are generally male, this was a nice chance to add to the coverage of one of the most successful teams playing the game today. It dovetailed nicely into conversations about inclusion and representation, which I care about greatly in the context of being someone who contributes to media the way I do.”

Eight by Eight: Joe Pugliese


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