Education Through Photography Workshops to Empower the Next Generation of Storytellers

by | May 7, 2018 | Strictly Business Blog

Image © Zack Smith

[by Zack Smith]

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The only way to truly capture the heart and soul of a city is to immerse yourself in it.  Why be a bystander watching history pass you by when you can be in the middle of it, photographing the magic up close?

From the charming streets of Uptown to the magic of the historic French Quarter, New Orleans is known around the world for it’s iconic music, extraordinary food, and vibrant street culture.  It is no wonder why New Orleans is revered as a street photographer’s walking dream.  I am and will forever be grateful to call the City of New Orleans my home, as it has given me inspiration and purpose to create some of my most compelling photographs that tell the deepest and most touching stories.

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