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Donna Ferrato: A Life Dedicated to Women’s Liberation

By March 1, 2021March 18th, 2021ASMP Bookshelf, Strictly Business Blog

Cross-posted from blind and The Cambridge School Of Art. [By Laurence Cornet and Laura Pannack] 

Having scoured her archives to collect 50 years’ worth of photographs of women, depicting their ecstasies and their breakdowns, Donna Ferrato publishes a troubling tribute to feminine power.

Holy” is the adjective Donna Ferrato uses to describe women. “Men get all the credit all the time. They get the support. They get the praise. They get the devotion. Hanukkah, Christmas, whatever. It’s all about God, never about the Mother of God. I’m sick of it,” she says. For fifty years, the American photographer has been documenting women. Including herself: pregnant, mother, and then grandmother. Women who surrender to pleasure, in clubs or in private. Battered women and women who manage to get out. More recently, she also photographed her own mother during the last years of her life. All these women are in the book released by powerHouse.

Donna Ferrato: A Life Dedicated to Women’s Liberation

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