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Donald R. Pettit: Spaceborne

By February 13, 2021February 17th, 2021Strictly Business Blog

Screenshot of article about Donald R. Pettit osted on LenScratchCross-posted from LenScratch.  [By Linda Alterwitz] 

Spaceborne, a collection of photographs by astronaut and artist Donald R. Pettit gives the viewer a unique perspective of life in space. The photographs were captured while he spent 370 days circling the Earth’s orbit, working and living aboard the International Space Station. During this time while his mere survival was dependent upon technology, he went the extra step to transform his unique experiences through artistic expression, illuminating a compelling intersection of art and science. Pettit states that this book is more than survival in space, rather ‘what it has meant, to one human being’s heart and soul, to see and think and feel and dream on the threshold of the Universe.’

Using digital cameras, digital infrared and thermal technology, Pettit photographed his three space journeys. There’s a left-brained fascination as one is presented with the authentic nature of this work, from the documentation of light and/or heat on the interior and exterior of the International Space Station to unusual perspectives of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.  With longer exposures, he also photographed time and motion, revealing information about our planet and its position in the solar system.”


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