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Does Your Website Wow?

By August 11, 2009May 25th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Are you investing in it (both in money and thought) to make it the best it can possibly be? Too often photographers try to cut corners and save money on their sites, but if you have to limit your budget, this is not the place to trim.

While simple and clean websites are preferred by buyers of all stripes (stock or assignment) that kind of design sensibility needs a gentle, experienced hand to get it right. Work with a designer. Well liked (by buyers!) web services like Livebooks actually design each site individually or you can work with your own designer, but this is not the place to DIY.

Make sure you don’t have opening animations or slideshows. Both irritate buyers. For the intro, you may have a brief load-page image or the like, but just to cover the load time, not to make some statement. Instead of a slideshow, make sure to have static previous/next buttons to that the user can park the cursor and click-click-click.

And about the images–remember you have almost no time to grab your target. Ask some friends how they navigate your site (or if you have good stats, check those) to see what images are seen first. Make sure those images are your best. You can’t bury the great work–people will click off before they get to it!

Speaking of images, are you visibly watermarking yours? Don’t. It doesn’t provide you with any real protection but it does run off buyers. They want to see the work in its entirety, not with some schmutz on it. Do, however, make sure you have all your metadata straight, including copyright information and contact info too.

Lastly, check your contact info–make sure it is accurate and that you include your phone number as well as an email address. No forms.

Paying attention to these points will help your website work harder for you. Of course, the most important thing is to make great work to show on the site. Keep shooting for yourself to make your best work!