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Designing Like a Reporter

By September 12, 2019 Strictly Business Blog

Screenshot of blog post by Marianne SeregiCross-posted from Communications Arts. [by Marianne Seregi] National Geographic is famous for its photography, but in the design world, it’s also famous for its design, and the process of producing a coherent layout and content is just as intense as the photography. Marianne Seregi is the design director, coming to the job after working at National Geographic Traveler and the Washington Post.

“After shooting an assignment, a photographer will submit thousands of frames to the photo editor. The two of them will then narrow that selection down to 50 to 100 images. This “final tray” is then passed on to the designer, who prints “minis,” three-inch copies of every frame. The designer, photo editor and sometimes the photographer will sit in a room and push the minis around, working through the narrative arc. Once they have an order and flow they feel good about, the designer puts the images in real layouts and brings in the director of photography, creative director and design director for feedback. Following their edits, the final layout is presented to the editor in chief. It’s a thorough process, with many voices and perspectives that enable the highest-quality edits.”

Designing Like a Reporter

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