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Coping with Coronavirus: Photographers Share Lockdown Stories

Screenshot of article on lockdown stories posted on Blind MagazineCross-posted from Blind.  [By Michaël Naulin]  “Faced with cancelled exhibitions, festivals, and commissions, the entire profession is feeling the impact of anti-Covid-19 measures. We have gathered testimonies from photographers, who are on lockdown and anxious, but adapting and keeping up good spirits.

Their equipment is stowed away in closets. During the general lockdown, the world of photography has been put on hold until further notice. Just like one-third of world population, photographers are isolated at home. Cultural events have been cancelled to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Commissions, reportages, and book launches have been postponed…

The consequences of this unprecedented crisis are taking a toll on photographers worldwide. Confined to their apartments or live-in studios, several photographers talked to Blind Magazine about their daily lives, their worries and hopes, and about their view of history in the making.”  

Coping with coronavirus: Photographers share lockdown stories

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