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Business of Art | Web Design 101 for Artists and Creatives

Cross-posted from The New York Foundation for the Arts.  [By Luiza Teixeira-Vesey]  “From accessibility tips to content best practices: here’s what you need to know before creating your website.

It doesn’t matter if you have already achieved sought-after gallery representation or if you’re an independent, emerging artist: a website of your own is a must-have for all creatives. And no, a heavy presence on social media is not enough of a substitute for this need. Having your own page is the best way to control your narrative and centralize all information about you in one place. It will also help you show up on top of searches should buyers and curators Google you (and they will!), allow you to track data about your audience, and even help you boost your own sales. 

Perhaps you already know all of the good things that a website can do for you, but feel intimidated by the tech aspects of creating one. The good news is that there are a plethora of platforms and tools that can do most of the work for you with zero or minimum need for coding knowledge. Still feeling intimidated? Read the steps below before getting to work.”

Business of Art | Web Design 101 for Artists and Creatives

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