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By March 25, 2009 May 26th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

It is that tax time again. I just met my accountant for our semi annual cup of coffee to drop off my paperwork and financial records for him to use in preparing my taxes. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to know that I have someone on my team. Being a photographer is a business, and although it is important to be creative with the photographs we produce, it’s not a good idea to be creative with the record keeping or the financials.

So how do you build your own team? First you will want to identify your business strengths and weaknesses to determine what professionals you will need on your team. I am pretty good at organizing my receipts, invoicing and paying bills, so I don’t need a bookkeeper, but I don’t like the tax reporting and tax forms, so I was looking for an accountant to add to my team.

When looking for a new business team member, ask other ASMP members or other professionals in your creative community and ask for referrals for professionals that handle other small creative businesses. Do a meet and greet over coffee, my wife calls this the dating part, and just like a first date, find out a little about how they like to work and then tell them a bit about your business. Like all aspects of our business it comes down to chemistry and relationships.

I heart my accountant. Tax Day is April 15

How to find an accountant.