Award-Winning Photographer Samantha Isom Appointed to ASMP Board of Directors

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Strictly Business Blog

@Samantha Isom Pictures

ASMP’s National Board of Directors this week voted to appoint award-winning photographer Samantha Isom to fill the Board seat recently vacated by Amy Tierney.

Samantha is a Director, Photographer, DP/Camera Operator, and Content Creator at Samantha Isom Pictures. Her mother was gifted a brownie camera at a young age and began documenting every waking moment of life, and Samantha was soon to follow. Samantha spent years as a photo assistant and digital tech to some of the top image-makers in the business, all while shooting on her own. Since then, she’s incorporated more motion/video to her image-making, going out as a Camera Operator/DP. She has shot all over the world and has created the online journal and travel show Samantha is based out of New York City, though she has lived and worked in Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia, and spent a few months living and shooting in Hawai’i, and Indonesia. Her current personal work may be viewed via and

Her awards & accolades include: Communication Arts 2019 Photo Annual; PDN’s 2015 The Great Outdoors (photo contest); PDN Photobook NYC; Off the clock (LA) exhibit award; APA NY 1st place (portrait).

Samantha currently serves on ASMP’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council, and recently led a panel with ASMP General Counsel Tom Maddrey on set safety protocols during COVID-19. She is the co-creator of the “Production Infection Control Course”.

ASMP Board Chair Marianne Lee said: “We are all very excited about Samantha joining the Board. She brings such a wide range of important qualities and skills to the table in terms of experience and expertise in our fast-changing industry. I look forward to working with Samantha as we continue to transform our organization to meet the changing needs of our Members in these unprecedented times.”