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ASMP Yahoo! Groups to Close December 31, 2017

All ASMP Yahoo! Groups will be shutting down at the end of December 2017, but the discussions will be continuing with better support (and software) on the new ASMP Forums.  Members are encouraged to join the new ASMP Forums to continue sharing knowledge and support among members at every level.  

The new forums can be found under  Chapters/Groups in the main menu navigation bar.

Current forums are:  Advocacy, Architecture, Assistants and Emerging Photographers, Chapter Leaders and Staff, Drones, Fine Art, Food, General Discussion, Legal, and Video.

Every forum is automatically open to every member and only available to members, who simply have to log onto the website to access them.  While most of the ASMP Yahoo! Groups were open to non-members, this change reflects our thinking that membership brings value.

We look forward to  all members  joining in and contributing to the new forums. The more knowledge shared between us, the stronger we become as professionals, and the stronger we become  as an organization in our global community.


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