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ASMP Responds to Impacts of the Coronavirus

Given the dramatic increase in coronavirus cases in the United States in the past week, we are already hearing from event photographers  and others in our ranks about significant rises in the cancellation of assignments or postponements by clients.

To assist members during this time of uncertainty and some fear, ASMP is focused on publishing information about the coronavirus pandemic grounded in facts, while also upholding our responsibility to be a steadfast advocate for our community of photographers and small business owners across the country.

This week, we have taken proactive steps to address possible consequences from the spread of the disease with the scheduling of the first in a series of webinars to present business and legal advice that we believe is critical in assisting you to navigate through unforeseen circumstances related to the coronavirus.  At the same time, we are assisting chapters with the rescheduling of chapter events and SB2020 conferences that were scheduled to occur during the next several weeks.

Today, we sent letters to key Representatives and Senators to urge their immediate action on legislation to address the needs of photographers and their families.  We will continue to work with our colleagues in other organizations and members of Congress  to secure swift passage.  We believe such  legislation must include solutions that clearly work to the benefit of independent photographers as small business owners and that such aid is as important as the aid aimed at large companies also experiencing financial harm.   We have also been in touch with colleagues at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to coordinate messaging on the need for a solution that addresses the financial implications of the pandemic for small business owners.  We will continue to advocate on your behalf while supplying suggested resources on the ASMP COVID-19 Info Hub page.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected and informed by visiting for news and updates. We will be working to provide the latest reliable information to help you mitigate the negative impacts that this health crisis may have on your livelihood in 2020.


Thomas R. Kennedy
ASMP Executive Director

Featured Image: Daniel Watson

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