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ASMP Partner to Create GS1 Standards Photography Referral Service

By October 9, 2018Strictly Business Blog

Image: Jerome Lukowicz

In its role as a U.S. trade association for professional photographers, ASMP continuously seeks to secure business and professional development opportunities for members in various industry sectors.

Recently, our Member Services Partner, Village Press, advised us about potential employment opportunities for photographers with its other clients that include many food service companies. These food service companies are regularly seeking photographers who conduct high volume production shooting on food and packaging that meets GS1 standards (industry standard for this type of photography). See GS1 Product Image Specification Standard and  GS1 Product Image Application Guideline for the Foodservice Industry.

If you are a photographer with GS1 standards experience, and would like to be considered for assignments and/or open positions with food service companies seeking GS1 photographers, please complete the following application. If it is determined that your experience fits the requirements for a GS1 production assignment/position, a food service company representative will contact you directly.

If you have questions about the GS1 Standards Photography Referral Service or assignment opportunities being offered by Village Press food service clients, please submit an email to


GS1 Standards Photography Questionnaire




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