ASMP Canon Business Series: COVID-19 and Safety on Set

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Canon Business Series, Strictly Business Blog

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November 17 @ 3pmET

Join ASMP Member and Photographer/DP/Director Samantha Isom, her partner John Cordes of Rightway Consulting, and ASMP General Counsel Thomas Maddrey as they discuss the latest information on how to safely have your productions on set. Strategies and protocol to keep everyone safe as we get back to being creative are at the forefront of every production. Samantha and John are the creators of the “Production Infection Control Course” where you can register to learn directly from John and Samantha about the best practices in an in-depth and comprehensive way.

At this webinar, John will give a short introduction and preview of the full course, and then Samantha, John, and Tom will have a Q&A where we will field your questions about the safety and legal aspects of your productions during COVID-19. Don’t miss this one![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Meet the Speakers

John Cordes, course instructor, is an OSHA Authorized Outreach Safety Trainer for General Industry and an active member of the National Safety Council (NSC) with over 20 years overall experience and a solid 11 years focusing on I.C. (Infection Control).

Samantha Isom is Director, Photographer, DP/Camera Operator, Content Creator at Samantha Isom Pictures. Samantha’s mother was gifted a brownie camera at a young age and began documenting every waking moment of life, Samantha was soon to follow. Samantha spent years as a photo assistant and digital tech to some of the top image-makers in the business, all while shooting on her own. Since then, she’s incorporated more motion/video to her image-making, going out as a Camera Operator/DP. She has shot all over the world and has created the online journal and travel show She’s based out of New York City, though she has lived and worked in Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia, and spent a few months living and shooting in Hawai’i, and Indonesia. Current personal work may be viewed via and


Thomas Maddrey is ASMP’s General Counsel. He is the founding partner and lead attorney for Maddrey PLLC, a boutique firm dedicated to art law and creative business law. His firm is focused on a number of groups including artists, entrepreneurs, collectors, galleries, museums, and other creative individuals and groups. Follow Tom on Twitter @MaddreyPLLC.
His firm’s web address is

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Members: Free (Member # Required)

Non-Members: $10 + service fee

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Business Series Sponsored by

ASMP is very excited to partner with Canon USA to provide a series of business webinars selected specifically to give photographers the tools to build their businesses despite the difficult times we are working in. More than ever visual creators are dependent on strong business skills.  This series will give photographers the tools and resources to maintain and grow sustainable businesses. Canon values the work that photographers do and wants to support their business; and being part of the process through which creators impact our culture is important to them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]