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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

ASMP Announces the Hiring of DEI Consultant Brandyn Campbell

By February 11, 2021Strictly Business Blog

Image: Christa Thorpe

ASMP today announces the hiring of diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant Brandyn Campbell. Brandyn brings with her 15 years of experience in the field of helping advance DEI in all aspects of an organization’s culture and operations. She also brings with her experience working with ASMP’s DEI Council in 2020.

Brandyn has written for major media outlets including FOX Sports, Businessweek, and Philadelphia Magazine, and has done extensive and prominent work with the NFL. She understands the complex media landscape in which ASMP Members work, but will also bring a perspective from outside photography proper.

Brandyn and her team at Brandyn Campbell Communications will be working with ASMP and its leadership, Membership, and chapters across the nation to ensure the organization is building a Society that attracts and serves photographers and content creators from all communities, including those that remain underrepresented in our profession and industry.

Brandyn Campbell said: “I look forward to working with ASMP to create a diverse and inclusive organization that supports and challenges its members to operate with an equity-focused lens. Together, we can shape the building blocks of lasting change.”

ASMP CEO James Edmund Datri said: “Brandyn brings an enormous breadth and depth of experience and expertise with her, in DEI, in media, and in communications, and we are all excited about the opportunity to work with her on DEI in our organization and industry.”

In the coming weeks, chapter leaders and Members will be receiving announcements about new programs that will be available as a part of Brandyn’s work with the Society.

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