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Art for Assistants Turns Ink and Paper into Financial Support

Screenshot of article posted on Notes From a Rep's JournalCross-posted from Notes From A Rep’s Journal.  [By Heather Elder]   “Art for Assistants is a thoughtful and timely response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photography assistants are the often-unsung heroes who work side-by-side with many of our favorite photographers, and who, like many others, have had their work and their incomes come to an abrupt halt.

Through the sale of their own limited edition prints, photographers can provide some financial support for their assistants during this uncertain time. 

The program requires a 100% commitment from photographers who participate. Each photographer agrees to sell a limited edition of 100, 11”x14” prints of their own work, for $100 each. They create their own GoFundMe page and then utilize their social media channels to get the word out using the #artforassistants hashtag. Photographers are responsible for the fulfillment of this project, including covering any costs for printing and shipping. They also pledge to give 100% of the print sales proceeds to their assistants (minus the 3% for GoFundMe).”


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