Are Your Photos Protected?

by | Aug 7, 2009 | Strictly Business Blog

If your studio were to catch fire right now, would your digital photos be safe? Many photographers make the mistake of backing up to two separate hard drives, only to leave both hard drives sitting on their desk. This protects against a hard drive failure, but does nothing to protect against fire, flood or theft.

To ensure you’re adequately protected, store your files in at least two physical locations. One option is to rotate a set of drives off-site, e.g. one at your studio and one at home. A second option is to use an Internet-based storage site, like .Mac, Mozy or Amazon S3 and store your photos on an industrial-strength server cloud.

Storing your entire image library on a server cloud may seem ideal, but the bandwidth needs for uploading gigabytes of photos, along with the monthly storage costs, make this prohibitive for most photographers. Still, you can use this method to upload your most valuable images along with your business correspondence, contracts and e-mail correspondence very inexpensively. Given the consequences of a catastrophic loss, off-site backups may be the most valuable and least expensive insurance policy available for your business.