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Are You a Knowledge Hoarder?

Cross-posted from Paul Boag Blog.  Boag is a highly-respected web developer, educator, and writer.  In his latest post, Boag suggests that being transparent with your peers and colleagues – and clients – about what you do and how you do it will lead to more work, not less.  The same is true of any creative entrepreneur, and that includes photographers.

“The fact that I share so much for free works in my favour, not against me. By sharing what I know, I:

  • Ensure people have heard of me.
  • Establish my expertise in their minds.
  • Make sure they know what to expect from me.
  • Build trust and a relationship.
  • Educate my clients to make my life easier!

In short, you have everything to gain from educating everybody you meet about everything you do.”

Are You a Knowledge Hoarder?

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